The Kakazu residence serves as the Catian Embassy while formal relations are established with Earth. This decision was based on the reports of their field agent (Eris) ,also due to the actions of Kio Kakazu ,and indeed his friends (Manami & Aoi), teacher and uncle for rescuing Eris from a dangerous situation the Catians selected the Kakazu residence as the provisional Catian Embassy. Manami Kinjou and Aoi Futaba serve as the embassy's security police team. This position within the Catian Embassy was granted for the two following reasons :

Reason 1: Due to both women going against the CIA ,and indeed Japan's immegration bureau in the rescue of Kio Kakazu and Eris their safety could not be assured,with also Aoi Futaba being labled a traitor to JIB there was no safe place for either young woman to go. Sanctuary was then offered to both women within the Catian Embassy.

Reason 2: Both Manami Kinjou and Aoi Futaba displayed highly honed skills while in the field during the rescue of Kio and Eris. This prompted the Catian High Command to grant them the position of Embassy Police Officers representing the home world of Catia. (Eris also had offered this position as a representative from Catia with the full approval of the Catian High Command as Eris was concerned for the safety of her two friends.)

The Catian Embassy has established a relationship with the kitty cult turned official organization  group The Under Side Of The Kittens Paw who is led by the incredibly wealthy heiress Antonia ,a 12 year old girl with a obsession for Kitty ears and tails. Thus resulting in her constant wearing of fake kitty ears and a tail. The young founder immediately forms a very strong friendship and bond with the Catians and their human allies. When The Dogisuans were getting ready to destroy the Catian mothership the young heiress initiated contact via one of her servants to a member of the Russian armed forces resulting in the purchase of I.C.B.M.S. for their engines ,thus resulting in the construction of the Catain Embassy space craft the Catiearth,captained by Kio Kakazu.

Sub section 1: Catian Space Craft Catiearth (Built as a Rescue vessel)

The design of the space craft Catiearth is one that harkens back to the early days of the 40's and 50's era style sci-fi rockets with some modern revisions. The Catiearth was featured in episodes 11 and 12 predominantly as part of the rescue efforts to save the crew of the Catian mothership. The Catiearth was launched from a decommissioned mobile rail I.C.B.M. base located in Russia,as this was the place where the engines and missiles used in the construction of the Catiearth were from. Upon Completion of the Catiearth , fueling and launching took place immediately. The purpose of Catiearth was as a rescue vessel to rescue the Catian Mothership and to provide the mothership all possible aid assistance. Upon repelling the Dogisians assistroids /sabotuers on the Catian mothership Kio was successful in joining the Motherships crew in not only secring the mothership, but assisting it back to earth space.