I Came To Stay
Season 1, Episode 03
Air date July 24, 2010
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I Came To Stay is the third episode of Asobi ni Iku yo!. In this episode, Kio's household becomes the Catian embassy and an Assistdroid is almost kidnapped.

 Plot Edit

A meeting takes place between government representatives of Japan and Catian leadership, over whether the country’s ready to go into negotiations with the alien government. Catian Captain Qoone, herself and her comrades dressed in sukumizu, agrees for her and her comrades to remain on Earth as unofficial guests while the government comes to a final decision. Although the Catians won’t require accommodations, as they’re staying at the Kakazu residence, the representatives insist the stay to be state funded and to cover the Catian’s expenses. Captain Qoone politely declines, instead asking for an annual outlay and gesture of kindness, a nonnegotiable payment of two.

At first the representatives refuse, but the Captain reminds them of Eris’ near-fatal experience in Japan and assures them that they won’t think on the past. The representatives ask for some time to consider the hard offer and the Catians leave, quickly dissolving into thoughts on their attire once out of sight.

Manami and Aoi start to plan their escape from the country. At the Kakazu residence, Kio asks why the Catians were all wearing swimsuits, which Eris reveals she’d learned from the magazines under his bed. Kio insists again that they’re fiction when Manami comes in, displeased by finding the Catians dressed as the magazine shows. Aoi comes in laden with luggage and she too is shocked at the sight, more specifically at Captain Qoone, Dr. Durel and Eris’ chests’ size.

Kio urges the Catians to change, to which they agree. Qoone, Durel and Melwin activate their bells, causing their skumizu to shift into their normal uniforms, while Chayka does hers by hand. Kio inquires as to Manami’s luggage and Aoi says they’ve come to say goodbye.

A secret briefing is held for Dogisuan agent Janis concerning the Catians contact with Earth. Janis is displeased by the failed operations to terminate Eris and warns her dealers that they’ll lose the benefits provided by Dogisua if the Catians get any further in their negotiations and their involvement is discovered.

Manami explains that because of their decisions to help Eris, opposing their agencies’ orders, she and Aoi were targets to be eliminated, consoling Kio with assurance of their abilities. Kio asks the Catians if they could help, and Qoone explains how the Kakazu residence is serving as the temporary Catian embassy. The house is governed to Catian law and an attempt to harm anyone inside it would be equivalent to an unprovoked attack on a foreign nation. With Catian law protecting them in Kio’s home, Aoi and Manami can stay.

Qoone, Durel, Melwin and Chayka leave for the mothership. Manami tries to recap on the fact that they’ll all be living together, despite Eris’ affirmation of the Assistdroids doing all the housework, though chores are the least of her worries. From a distance, someone continues to watch the house.

Manami calls her aunt and arrange for the Assistdroids to bring her things from her house, despite it being right across the street. Kio wonders about Aoi’s parents and she explains that she doesn’t have family or relatives, her identity in Japan being false to being with. Kio apologizes for sounding so casual about it and Aoi gets flustered, which Manami picks up on.

An Assistdroid bringing a box from Manami’s house is almost assaulted, but a dropped item forcing it to turn thwarts the attempt. While sorting out her things that the Assistdroids brought, Manami questions why they don’t have names. They decide to assign the Assistdroids numbers, accidently ending up with two 17s.

Kio takes a bath and ruminates over Aoi and Manami’s futures, now that they can’t return to their jobs. Eris joins him, throwing Kio off just by talking and mashing her chest into his back. Manami peers in and, shocked by what she sees, takes at Kio with a broom, chasing him and Eris out of the bathroom. Aoi is in the living room when they all barge in and Kio tries to apologize, but when Eris starts suggesting things to Aoi, Kio tries to stop her and ends up grabbing the Catian’s breasts. Manami doesn’t hold back and soon Kio’s lying on the couch with an icepack on his head.

Aoi and Manami are bathing and talking about Kio, Manami wondering why Aoi likes him so much. Aoi tries to avoid a straight answer, inquiring the same of Manami, who had known Kio since they were young. Manami admits to having liked him, but time has passed and they became just friends. Manami insists Aoi has a chance with Kio and that he already likes her too.

Assistdroid No. 17 is outside guarding the embassy, about to be relieved by No. 17, allthewhile watched by an unknown observer. Aoi claims Kio can’t like her due to her abnormality, namely her ability to teleport objects within a fifty-meter radius, the ability that got her shunned by everyone including her own family. She eventually got her job as an agent and killed, entering a world Kio could not understand.

The Assistdroids suddenly sound an alarm, indicating an intruder. Aoi and Manami rush out of the bathroom to the living room, the former teleporting a pair of machine pistols and throwing one of them to Manami. They charge into the yard just in time to see No. 17 being carried away, the kidnapper under the impression they won’t notice one of the two 17s missing.

The kidnapper gets into a car which quickly drives off, but Aoi teleports a rifle and shoots one of the tires, forcing the car to a spinning stop. Aoi and MaAnami leap onto a motorcycle, ride over and train their guns on the kidnapper and the driver. Aoi attempts interrogation but the driver drops a stun grenade, escaping with the kidnapper and leaving No. 17 behind.

Eris and Kio rush over to help, and Kio’s gaze reminds Aoi and Manami of their nakedness. Manami opens fire on Kio, Aoi ducks for cover in the abandoned car and Eris frees No. 17. When she runs out of ammo, Manami clobbers Kio with her motorcycle helmet, putting him right back on the couch.

Sharing a bed, Manami criticizes Kio’s coming to help when they were undressed, with Aoi defending Kio’s actions. Manami concludes that Aoi really does like Kio and suggest that she stands up for herself, to stop living in her dark past, or Eris will get him first. Manami promises she’ll help Aoi out.

The next morning, Eris offers Kio, Manami and Aoi official positions at the Catian embassy. Manami has doubts and gets a call from JACK, who warns her about an origination targeting Eris and to watch out for the Catian and herself. Manami tries to apologize for what her interference, but JACK puts her at ease. Aoi suggests that perhaps No. 17’s kidnappers weren’t after them to begin with. Kio gives Eris a misinformed explanation of JACK being Manami’s boyfriend, which Manami corrects. Kio admits to having thought Manami to be in a serious relationship because of her mysterious contact with JACK. Manami starts to ask Kio something but pulls herself back, though not escaping Aoi’s radar.

Aboard a ship, the kidnapper apologizes to her employer for failing to retrieve her gift of the Assistdroid, promising to next time succeed in bringing it and the divine embodiment.