I Came to Kidnap
Season 1, Episode 04
Air date July 31, 2010
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I Came To Stay
I've Come to Save You
I Came to Play is the fourth episode of Asobi ni Iku yo!. In this episode, Kio and the girls take Eris shopping in Tokyo, but she and Kio get kidnapped on the way back.

 Summary Edit

In the Saitama Super Arena, a meeting is being held by the Underside of the Kitten’s Paw, a secret society of cat enthusiasts, headed by Antonia. She reveals to the society the existence of Eris, declaring that she be worshipped as a deity and to begin Operation Cat’s Meow.

At the Embassy, Aoi is thinking on Manami’s advice to leave her past behind and having a hard time of it. The doorbell rings and Aoi accepts a delivery from a pair of black-uniformed Assistdroids. Kio enters the living room to find an overly chipper Eris, dancing wildly in anticipation of frying up potstickers. Manami walks in and reveals she’d given Eris some catnip. Eris leaps over and tries to get the rest of it, while Manami and Kio struggle to keep it away from her. Eris outwits them, but an Assistdroid delivers her a taser shock to calm her down and Dr. Durel recovers the catnip.

Eris apologizes for her behavior and Durel explains that the catnip’s effects were by Eris’ upcoming mating season. Durel then congratulates Eris for finding a partner for her first mating season, assuming it to be Kio. Manami frantically informs Durel that on Earth it’s illegal for people of Kio’s age to cohabit, but the doctor reminds her that the Kakazu residence is the provisional Catian embassy and Earth law doesn’t apply inside it.

Manami continues to insist that it’s wrong and turns to Kio for support but he runs off to his room, Manami quickly following after him. Eris asks if her condition is the only reason for Durel’s visit, and the doctor tells her of Captain Qoone’s request that Eris goes to Tokyo.

Aoi tests her personal Assistdroids, Nakamura and Chiba, narrowly avoiding their self-self-destruction. Janis learns that Eris is going to Tokyo and leaves for the capital herself. On the plane, Eris is excited for her first flight on an aircraft that uses aerodynamic lift and Manami complains how her noise just adds to the attention she draws with her outfit. A flight attendant asks Eris to stow her Assistdroid and another offers it an empty seat. The kidnappers inform each other of their Eris and co.’s movement.

After reclaiming Chiba and Nakamura from the carousel, Eris takes everyone to Nakano Broadway, where she had been requested by the Catian Arts Research team to purchase toys and manga, to better understand Earth’s culture.

Eris asks Kio about her race being the first cat people on Earth and points out a catgirl figurine, which Kio hurriedly dismisses and leads her into a shop. The shopkeeper isn’t fazed by Eris or her Assistdroid, an adaptability which Eris considers remarkable.

Manami finds Kio admiring a game system and steers him back to Eris, whom he’s supposed to be guarding. She then joins Aoi in a DVD store and, noticing the items in her hands, leaves her to finish her purchase. Manami herself gets drawn to a gun shop and Aoi to a movie prop store. By the end of the shopping trip, in emphatic disagreement with Eris’ opinion of the affordability of the mall’s items, Kio and the girls are spent.

At the train station, Kio and Manami have buyer’s remorse. Aoi points out that the station is empty proposes it’s a trap, suggesting the use of Taoist wizardry or something similar to keep people away. She tells Manami to get on the train with Kio and Eris, and she’ll catch up when she’s dealt with the culprit.

Janis discovers the barrier and that the Japanese government isn’t behind it. The culprits, a mysterious group of maids, report Aoi’s staying at the station and everyone else’s being on the train, and prepare to execute the next phase of their plan. Two teams intend to go after Kio and Eris, while the third attacks Aoi.

Back at the station Aoi attacks a passerby, who transforms into paper upon contact, revealing to be a glamour. An announcement report of an accident on the train Kio and the others are on. On the train, Manami notices there aren’t any advertisements in the car and draws her gun. As they enter a tunnel, a gas is released from the vents and knocks out Eris. Maids pop out of hidden compartments and start firing at Manami, kidnapping Eris and Kio in the chaos. Manami, Chiba and Nakamura are stuck to the floor with a glue-like substance.

The maid’s disconnect the train car and Aoi rides in on a motorcycle. The maids try to stop her with hand- and machine guns but Aoi gets aboard, only to be blown off the train when the team leader hits her with a heavy grappling hook. Aoi gets up and fruitlessly tries to follow the train, determined to find Kio.

Chayka is at the Embassy when she receives a call from Aoi and is informed of Eris and Kio’s kidnapping. Chayka explains they won’t be able to send Catian forces after the kidnappers due to the treaty with Earth not yet being formalized. An Assistdroid programmed for electronic warfare and Manami’s personal unit are teleported over. Aoi fires at the wall of the alley they’re in and a door slides open, revealing a secret weapons depot of the Japanese Immigration Bureau.

Lying asleep on a bed beside Kio, Eris is shown to the Underside of the Kitten’s Paw, along with a speech from Antonia. JACK briefs Manami about the UKP and their founder, and guides her and Aoi to their main base: a leisure liner called the Androlago. Aboard the ship, Antonia tells her army of maids that the time is at hand and the dawn of their age has arrived.