I Came to Play
Season 1, Episode 02
Quasi-antimatter hammer
Air date July 17, 2010
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The Cat that Came to Earth
I Came To Stay

I Came to Play is the second episode of Asobi ni Iku yo!. In this episode, Eris gets captured and left in dangerous hands, leaving Kio to try and save her with all the help he can get.

 Summary Edit

Ms. Itokazu is driving through town, ranting about how un-alien Eris looks. She enters a building where she joins her backup. At the Kakazu residence, Eris tells Kio about Catia’s decision to journey into space, to learn about other cultures and share theirs. Still listening in, JACK tells Manami about an operation to kidnap Eris, and that she can tag along.

Hanging out on the balcony, Kio admires Eris’ profession and wishes he had a job picked out; even Manami was trying to get into the local Air-force base. Eris insists he will find one, as long as he doesn’t give up. She then tells Kio that she wishes to compensate him for everything he has been doing for her, and offers herself for copulation. Kio, somewhat flustered inquires where she got the idea, to which Eris replies from the adult magazines under his bed. Kio tells her that those are just fiction and Eris apologizes for her behavior, both of them admitting that they have no experience in it anyway.

Manami expresses her disgust toward Kio and Eris’ interaction. Aoi thinks back to the day she first met Kio, helplessly questioning why he got himself involved with the Catian.

Assistdroids in the yard

The Assistdroids

Eris brings Kio into the yard, along with uncle Yuichi, to introduce them to the Assistdroids: small, capable cat-like robots. Eris, Kio and the Assistdroids go to the park, where Kio gets Eris ice cream to help stave off the heat. Manami tries to encourage JACK to begin the operation but she dismisses it, insisting that waiting is part of field work. Aoi enters a truck and gears up for her own mission.

The Assistdroids help Eris and Kio out at the library, while both Manami and Aoi spy on them. As Kio and Eris return to the park to get some more ice cream, the missions begin.

The park is strangely empty when Kio and Eris arrive. Suddenly, the lights all turn off and masked members of the Beautiful Contact Secret Society surround them, telling Eris that they refuse to recognize the Catian race to preserve the uniqueness of mankind’s first contact with intergalactic life and will remove her if she doesn’t leave Earth. Manami and Aoi are instructed to standby.

Eris questions who the Society represent, as there are billions of humans on Earth, and asks for details on their organization, but the speaking member tires and prepares to fire on her. Kio steps in the way and the Society member strikes him on the shoulder. Inflamed, Aoi leaps into action, disarming the Society members with rapid efficiency. Endo reminds her of her priority, that being Eris. Aoi attacks but Eris dodges, begging her to stop. Kio grabs Aoi’s leg, causing her to hesitate. A siren approaches and the Society and Aoi flee, Endo challenging her decision to leave Eris and Kio alive.

A car pulls over and the driver shoots Eris and Kio with tranquilizer darts, knocking them out. Uncle Yuichi zooms in, lighting up the place with a flash grenade. Through the glare, Kio sees Eris taken away by someone with a cracked watch.

Kio wakes up in Yuichi’s jeep, with the Assistdroids piled into the back. Kio fears what kind of impression the kidnapping has left on Eris and decides to help her. He calls Manami and asks her where Eris is, having recognized her watch during the kidnapping. Manami confesses to taking part in the operation, as she wanted field experience to eventually get a job at Kadena Air Base, as a CIA agent.

Manami agrees it was a bad decision and tells Kio where they’ve taken Eris: Kadena Air Base, Hanger F. Uncle Yuichi has a plan and gives Kio a tranquilizer gun that he uses for work, leading Kio to ask just what his uncle does for a living.

At Hanger F, JACK is forced to leave Eris with a DIA agent, who secretly serves a different “breed”. Kio calls Aoi and tells her they won’t be able to get together tomorrow, leaving Aoi to wonder what’s going on. Kio and Yuichi barge in on the Beautiful Contact Secret Society and the Assistdroids take all the members’ pictures, threatening their anonymity. Manami wonders if Kio hates her when Aoi appears on her doorstep. The Society get Kio and Yuichi into the Air Base.

Eris is trapped in a glass chamber, surrounded by figures in hazmat suits. The DIA agent approaches her and tells her she is to be terminated. Eris realizes the scent on the man is that of the Dogisuans, with whom dealing with is against galactic law. The hanger suddenly shakes violently as Yuichi detonates bombs on the base and Kio tells Ms. Itokazu his plan to bust Eris out. Kio and Yuichi take the van, leaving Ms. Itokazu and the other Society member behind.

Aoi and Manami race onto the base, quietly lamenting the end of their careers in the Japanese Immigration Bureau and the CIA respectively. They blow through the barrier and throw off their pursuers. The Assistdroids sneak onto base using a box and wire cutters. Yuichi provides a distraction, allowing Kio to slip into Hanger F. The DIA agent sends the rest of his people outside, while Eris politely suggests he worries about what’s inside. Using her powersuit, Eris breaks her bonds and shatters the chamber, preparing to show the agent the suit’s maximum power.

Kio rides the elevator up and finds Eris tying up the agent, the room destroyed around them. Eris realizes he risked his life to save her and hugs Kio tight, smothering him. Outside, Yuichi abandons the van and is picked up by Manami and Aoi. They meet up with Kio, Eris and Ms. Itokazu on the runway, where a helicopter piloted by the Assistdroids is going to pick them up. The helicopter is shot down and a group of tanks starts towards them.

Everyone is concerned, but Eris tells them to leave the tanks to her and the Assistdroids, who survived the helicopter crash. They equip themselves with what look like giant squeaky hammers and charge. The tanks fire but Eris and the Assistdroids leap out of harm’s way, bringing their hammers down on the tanks. In a flash of quasi-annihilation, the tanks and their operators’ uniforms disappear.

The incident is reported as an explosion at the base’s fuel depot. Kio wakes up and comes down to the living room to find Eris preparing to leave, having finished collecting data. Eris thanks Kio for helping her and coming to rescue her, and then asks Kio if he would be her partner for her first mating season. They’re interrupted when Manami and Aoi rush in, telling Kio to turn on the TV.

The news shows the Catian mothership on Earth. The doorbell rings and someone calls out to Eris. Executive Officer Melwin and Chief Chayka are at the door. They explain how Eris’ taste evaluation has gotten everyone on the mothership eager to try the food for themselves and that it led to Catia’s decision of formally establishing relations with Earth, with Melwin and Chayka serving as the advance party.

The episode ends with Eris, Chayka and Melwin delivering the Catian motto: “I’m going to drop by”!