Manami Kinjou

Manami Kinjou
Name Manami Kinjou
Age 15 Years Old
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Light Brown
Eye Brown
Portrayed By Karbowski, Brittney (English)
Tomatsu, Haruka (Japanese)
Jeong, Yu mi (Korean)
Manami Kinjou (金武城 真奈美 Kinjō Manami)

Appearance Edit

She has brown Hair with brown Eyes. And short hair she tends to wear skirts or her school outfit. When she is on a mission she wears a mask to cover her face. She is very bust for a girl her age. She wears a watch with a scrath on it.

Personality Edit

She tends to be a tomboy and violent. She has great love for military guns and military outfits. Like all girls she is willing to hit everyone to sees her naked as her childhood friend. She has feelings for Kio. but believes he sees her as just one of the guys and she lets her chance slip by. And roots for Aoi to get him before " that alien steals him away".

History Edit

Manami is the childhood friend, and next door neighbor of Kio. Kio give her a watch as a gift. Since she was young she wanted to join the CIA, where her room is filled with listening equipment and guns. She was in the CIA recruitment program operating under the supervisor codenamed JACK.

Plot Edit

After the Cats arrived on earth, and meeting the visitor she calls her supervisor. Later on her and the group take Elis leaving Kio at the scene. 2 hours later getting a call from Kio telling her that he knows that it was her was there and seeing the watch that he has gave her years ago. Feeling bad at what she had done to him, she chose to help him get her back and breaking into the military base. After the rescue of Elis she lost her candidate for the C.I.A and supervisor. She also lives at the Catian Embassy under its diplomatic immunity. She will often rub the scratch when nervous. She has a noticeable fascination with guns, to the point where Kio refers to her as a gun otaku. She is often very pushy when it comes to helping Aoi make progress with her relationship with Kio, because she does not wish to see Aoi's chance to slip by as she believes hers has. She finally kisses him on the last episode, after Elis reveals due to Catian law they could all be Kio's lovers.

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Trivia Edit

  • Blood-type: O
  • Height: 159cm
  • Weight: 50
  • Bust: 80
  • Waist 55
  • Hips: 82
  • His birthday is April 15th.