The Cat that Came to Earth
Season 1, Episode 01
Eris, I'm going to drop by
Air date July 10, 2010
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The Cat that Came to Earth is the first episode of Asobi ni Iku yo!. In this episode, high school student Kio Kakazu's life gets complicated when an alien cat woman comes to his home.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with three members of three different factions listening to a special newscast about an alien message: “I’m going to drop by”. One of the members, known as Momiji, then enters a battle aboard an enemy ship, armed with a high-tech battlesuit. She successfully infiltrates the ship and disarms the captain, but is then disrupted by a UFO passing too close to both ships. By the time Momiji comes to, the enemy captain detonates the ship.

On the Island of Okinawa, Kio Kakazu is arriving at a memorial service for his great-great-grandfather. His uncle Yuichi insists he is wasting his golden high school years and introduces him to a girl with cat ears, a tail and a curious outfit. The girl introduces herself as Eris, but Kio is so distracted by her large breasts, he accidentally takes a swig of beer and passes out.

Kio wakes up the next morning in his bed, recalling what had just happened and bemoaning his being a lightweight. As he turns over to go back to sleep, he notices a cat tail poking out of his sheets and pulls them aside to reveal Eris, half-naked and asleep. Kio falls off the bed with a cry and Eris wakes up, wondering if he had “injured his cranial mass”. She pulls a high-tech device out of her belt, which checks Kio’s hangover and then heals it. Kio asks Eris what she was doing in his bed, to which she replies that his uncle had told her she could sleep where she liked, and that she decided that curled up with him was the best choice.


Come stroke me, indeed

Their conversation is interrupted when Kio’s friend, Manami Kinjou, comes by, as well as his teacher, Maki Itokazu. Both are at first chagrined with Kio when they see Eris (and a bit awed by her chest size, too), believing her to be a cosplayer, but one consensual close inspection later proves otherwise. Eris then proclaims herself to be an alien, who came to learn about Earth, and that she was the one that had sent the message: “I’m going to drop by”.

Ms. Itokazu vehemently denies Eris’ claim, insisting that an alien would have a less human form, let alone a catgirl appearance. While Eris thinks of what other proof she can offer, her bell receives a call from her ship’s navigational system, Luros, who reports that the ship has been discovered and caught in a fishing net. Eris gives Luros a list of commands, which the system immediately fulfills, freeing the ship from the net and flying away.

We will achieve beautiful contact

We will achieve beautiful contact

Manami and Ms. Itokazu suddenly leave. Eris tells Kio about her mission on Earth and about her race, the Catians, while Manami spys on them and relays their conversation to JACK. Ms. Itokazu joins an online conference and reports of her meeting with Eris. Another member, Kerberos, suggests Ms. Itokazu should take immediate action and that they will supply her with backup. The meeting ends with all the members "wishing" each other: "We will achieve beautiful contact".

Back at the Kakazu residence, Eris reflects on her experiences so far and compliments mankind for being so accepting. Kio asks her to watch the house while he goes out to return something to a friend. On the way, Kio wonders why Ms. Itokazu sounded disappointed, when he is approached by Aoi Futaba, who had loaned him some movies. Aoi is about to ask Kio if he would like to go with her to the DVD store when Mr. Endo pulls up in a car and “offers her a ride”. Kio agrees to go with Aoi another day and she gets in the car.

Aoi, Endo at gunpoint

I'm gonna count to ten, and then you die. One, two, ten

As they drive through the city, Endo mocks Aoi’s interaction with Kio, wondering what would happen if he were to tell Kio what she really was. Aoi teleports a revolver into her hand and says she’d shoot Endo first, simply because she wants to. Endo begs her not to, as it would cause a road accident but Aoi dismisses the result, reminding him that she’s called Charmed Momiji for a reason. Aoi fires and the car spins to a stop.

Endo breathes heavily, the windshield fractured in front of him. Aoi tells him she was just kidding and asks for details of the job he has for her: to eliminate a dangerous illegal immigrant and those who have been aiding and abetting her, before her appearance becomes public and before other organizations move in on her.

In her room, Aoi despairs. The target is Eris, which includes Kio in the mission.