Yuichi Miyagi ,Uncle of Kio Kakazu

The hearty ,fun loving uncle of Kio Kakazu is by all appearances a regular guy...but appearances can be quite deceptive. Yuichi Miyagi has a incredible expertice in the use of a wide array of fire arms, and indeed other equipment that is only primarily used by secret agents,or indeed soldiers. He also sports a pair of wire frame aviator sun glasses, a Hawaiian shirt ,he also sports a magnum PI mustache. In the mission to rescue Eris, the abducted Catian Scout officer that his nephew befriends Yuich Miyagi infiltrates Kadena Air Base ,along with his nephew Kio. Upon reaching hangar F Kio Kakazu following his uncles orders in the rescue of Eris was able to successfully infiltrate the hangar resulting the rescue of Eris.  While Kio Kakazu does not know exactly what his uncle does , it is indeed heavily implied that he is a op for the japanese government, or a related career there in. Yuichi Miyagi also has connections to the movie /cinema industry as well.